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February 2004

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Online voting would be good for democracy, but is it possible right now? A recent editorial in the Toronto Star says no. 

What are your thoughts on online democracy? Will evoting take hold? How could the possible security and privacy implications be managed? Send your questions to

In this issue of Compass, we look at a question on information security and directors and officers liability, examine a funding allocation and privacy case study, and take a look at some political websites in Canada and the US and see how their privacy policies measure up if they are there at all! 

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to an industry colleague or associate who would be interested and of course, I always welcome your input and feedback! 

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Getting It: Compliance case study - Fundraising

Each issue we’ll examine compliance related to a specific industry or governance problem and walk through how a solution was, or could be, reached.

February Spotlight: Fundraising - Donations Allocations and Privacy

Client: Alumni association at a Canadian university; one of the most 
significant fundraisers in the country raising millions of dollars 
per year. 

The funding committee of this post secondary educational institution's alumni association wanted to ensure that its proceedings from fundraising were allocated without any bias. Funds could not bear the taint of any favouritism, so they needed to be allocated in a way that was equitable and private, to ensure that the school follows through on its commitment to donors that when money is solicited, it is distributed in an unbiased way. 

Working with the Dean of Graduate Studies to manage this process, Integrity Incorporated analyzed the requirements for anonymous allocation of funds to recipients to ensure that the fundraising system retained its integrity. 

Compass Q&A 

We invite you to submit questions on security, privacy and governance compliance to

Dear Compass, 
Have there been any recent rulings on the liability of corporate directors for information security breaches, and how far their responsibilities extend for due diligence? 
- LR, Kitchener

Compass responds: 

Hi LR, 
In Canada, very few, if any. However, there are some established best practices for corporate directors when it comes to managing information security, despite this being an area of responsibility that has very rapid changes. 

A starting resource on this topic is out of Australia and can be found at It gives a quick overview of some of the present challenges with managing information security, how directors can mitigate risks and the potential repercussions if they don't. 

Another excellent resource, from PKI vendor Entrust,, summarizes some of the issues in the US specifically. Both of these resources can be used as a basic grounding for similar implications in Canada. 

Cautionary Tales 

We'd have picked a good Canadian party site, but we couldn't. We had to really search to find the Liberal party website's privacy policy (we had to want to donate before they'd tell us how they'll use our information), but it's still a long shot better than the new Conservative site, which doesn't appear to have one, and the NDP, who you'd think would have the best and most visible privacy policy, and, well, if they have one, we haven't found it yet

Liberals - Difficult to find
Conservatives - No privacy policy
NDP No visible privacy policy

Success Stories 

John Kerry, presidential candidate as of this writing, has by far
the best privacy policy of the leading candidates:

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