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Identity Management Primer

Identity Management Newsletter
July 2004

Dear Readers,

Security in 2004 is all about identity.

Identity compromise, it was recently reported, is the fastest-growing crime in North America with over ten million cases in the US alone last year. Identity management is becoming an increasingly significant challenge for security-centric organizations.

In this issue, we examine how identities are the new currency in both information security and information crime, and how individuals and enterprises are coping with the challenges of identity management. Read on for viewpoints on managing identities from both a personal and professional standpoint, an article by myself and John Wunderlich on the privacy/data tension that appeared in the Globe and Mail, a case study on identity management from one of Canada’s premiere security companies, Entrust, and more.

Hope you are enjoying a happy summer,


P.S. After this issue, Compass will be moving to a new format. We’ll be arriving in your inboxes on a bimonthly basis, giving more in-depth coverage to certain topics. We also are pleased to announce our first seminar series event, entitled The Intersection of Governance and Security, taking place in October at locations in downtown Toronto with Contego and LegendCorp, two security value-added resellers. Check back on our website for more information in August!

This case study details how Entrust incorporated Information Security Governance into its corporate governance process. Best practices and lessons learned are presented to help organizations recognize the ROI in managing information security as a corporate responsibility, instead of a technology challenge.

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Dear Compass,

Are there any good resources on enterprise best practices for identity management?

LV, Syracuse

Compass responds:

Dear LV,

Here are a couple of good articles and resources on identity management. This article looks at an overview of best practices:

Network World has an excellent resource section on identity management, including:

Also see:

I hope those links are helpful!

MasterCard and Visa are encouraging online vendors to combat identity theft...

...because ‘phishing’ is exploding.

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