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What’s happening to business post-Enron, Can-Spam progress and more
September 2004

Dear Readers,

If you haven’t yet seen "The Corporation", go. A fascinating look at how business has come to dominate current social and economic landscapes, the film hypothesizes that due to a lack of controls on how corporations seek profits, and because their primary mandate is to do just that at the expense of any other interests, society has created a set of extremely dominant, amoral behemoths that run relatively unchecked and may adversely affect virtually every aspect of our lives.

The unlikely hero of the film is Ray Anderson, president of Interface, the world’s largest producer of commercial carpet. Until Anderson realized what the impact of his company's policies could lead to, the company had no environmental or sustainability policies in place. Today, the company is one-third on its way to its goal of 0% footprint and 100% sustainability, a goal the company began moving toward in 1993.

Business governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are as much about social impact as shareholder value. Integrity Incorporated is pleased to announce that our latest service offering help organizations evaluate the sustainability metrics and the environmental impact of their processes. Sustainability Governance helps business leaders understand how to lead their organizations in becoming better corporate citizens in the global sense. To learn more about this new service offering, read the announcement, or contact us for information.

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Carpet tile manufacturer Interface is celebrating 10 years of progress on its path to sustainability. “The vision is not just to change our company and eliminate our environmental footprint, but, through the power of our influence on others, to become restorative,” says Ray Anderson, the company’s chief executive officer. “In nine years, at the end of 2003, we progressed about one-third of the way from where we started in 1994, toward our goal of zero footprint – what we call the top of Mount Sustainability.”

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Dear Compass,

Where can I find information and resources on sustainability governance and corporate social responsibility?

JB, Hamilton

Compass responds:

Dear JB,

There is a wealth of information from a variety of sources and regions available on the web. Definitions of CSR vary from area to area, largely due to varying impacts on environments and economics dependent on region, but there are publications on CSR for all industries. Some excellent starting points:

A UK consultancy offering a variety of publications on sustainable development -

How important is CSR to an organization’s reputation? Wharton completed a survey of its MBA students recently.

And finally, visit the online home of Business Ethics magazine at

Keep up to date with initiatives and news on corporate social responsibility via this newsletter.

… and read why some people still argue that there is no place for social responsibility within the corporation.

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